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About us



IYAC (formally known as Isabelle Yeoh Aesthetic Clinic) is an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic located in the internationally renowned Camden Medical Centre that caters to those seeking non-surgical and non-invasive methods to restore and maintain youthful beauty.


Dr Isabelle Yeoh has built an established practice around the philosophy that overall health is the best age-fighting tool available today. She takes an inside-out approach to beauty with a focus on wellness and a preference for natural alternatives, wherever possible.


IYAC offers the latest aesthetic treatment therapies in combination with skincare, therapeutic facials and nutritional counseling. Programs are customised to fit each client’s individual requirements to deliver maximum results with zero or minimal recovery time.


IYAC offers effective, medical skincare products that are natural and chemical-free. The clinic’s mantra is that skin should not just glow on the outside but also be healthy on the inside.


The clinic further reflects IYAC’s strong belief in the connection between beauty and wellbeing. From the clinic’s interior décor to the specially selected staff, great care has been taken to provide a calming, caring and private environment for each and every visit.