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Injectables – meaning Botox and Fillers – give immediate results and instant gratification, without surgery. The fact that they give safe, consistent and reproducible results explains their popularity. The difference between Botox and Fillers? Botox relaxes muscles to smoothen negative expression lines, while Fillers add volume to the skin structure, plumping it up and filling up wrinkles from underneath. Botox and Fillers can be used on its own, or together, to create an instant facelift effect that refreshes one’s appearance and turns back the clock.
At IYAC, Dr Yeoh is in favor of a natural look and opts for a more cautious approach when administering Botox and Fillers to achieve a ‘look good for your age’ look rather than a ‘done’ look. This reflects in IYAC’s clientele who prefer a beautiful groomed look rather than wanting to erase every visible line.


Botox is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment that is commonly used to relax wrinkles (frown and forehead lines, crow’s feet) and give a subtle lift to the brows. Botox can also be used to create a smaller face and more feminine jaw line, and reduce excessive sweating (of the hands and underarms). The anti-wrinkle effects are generally maintained 3 times per year. The jaw reduction and reduction of excessive sweating effects are maintained 2 times per year.
When performed and administered by an experienced injector, Botox creates a fresh and youthful appearance, instead of an unnaturally frozen look, reducing the visible signs of aging and slowing down their long term effects.
IYAC offers Botox® (Allergan), Dysport™ (Medicis) and Xeomin® (Merz).
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Botox Facelift is a skin tightening procedure using Botox in an innovative way. Diluted amounts of Botox are injected intradermally (under the skin) to achieve collagen stimulation and skin firming, resulting in a natural-looking face lifting effect.
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Fillers are semi-liquid materials that are injected under the skin to smoothen, soften and create a youthful face. IYAC offers a wide range of fillers from the popular hyaluronic acid-based (Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm®, Volbella®) and calcium hydroxyapatite-based (Radiesse®) injections, to longer-lasting injectables (Sculptra™) that stimulate the skin’s own collagen. Commonly treated areas include the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, cheek and chin augmentation, smoothening of the undereye hollows and lip plumping.
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Liquid Lift is used to describe the effects when a combination of Botox and Fillers are used at the same time to create the effect of a mini-facelift. Liquid Lift is suitable for those with mild to moderate cheek laxity who wish to look fresher, and who do not want surgery. The lifting results are subtle but visible. This technique aims to give a natural and fresh rejuvenation effect without prolonged recovery time or tell-tale signs of having work done.
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Tips on How to Minimize Bruising with Injectable Fillers

It is always best to avoid planning any important work or social events for 3-5 days after treatments. If you bruise easily, you may need to plan for 2 weeks to heal. Most bruises can be covered fairly well with make-up, but not all. If you have an extremely important event like a wedding or a reunion, schedule your filler treatment 4 weeks beforehand.