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Do You Have Tech Neck?



What is Tech Neck, and What Causes It?

Tech Neck is visible signs of aging on the neck – horizontal lines, creasing, wrinkles, thin crepy ''chicken skin'', sagging – caused or accelerated by the frequent use of our devices. Unbeknownst to us, that constant looking down at our mobiles and computers has given us more wrinkles! With increased zoom times and working from home, tech neck has become more common due to the substantial amount of time spent looking at our devices.

Here are 5 tips to prevent Tech Neck:

1. Include your neck in your daily skincare regime – use a good quality anti-aging oil (instead of cream) for visible firming results. Oil helps to smoothen, firm and prevent crepy skin. A lightweight oil that absorbs quickly into the skin (like White Lotus Intensive Oil) keeps the neck smooth and supple. Immediately after applying oil, give your neck a lymphatic drainage massage to maintain a youthful neck line. Follow with sunscreen in the morning.
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2. Keep your device or screen at eye level if possible. If not, it's best to support your neck with a towel or neck pillow as you work. Flip the neck pillow around so that your chin is resting on the pillow. This supports your neck & chin, preventing you from trapping your posture in that (damaging) looking down position.
3. Take a break from your device every 45 mins (set your alarm as a reminder) – take a short walk, drink water, rest your eyes on a plant  – remember to breathe and be present.
4. Take care of your sleep position – avoid multiple pillows which causes your neck to bend at a sharper angle as you sleep, this naturally creates more lines and wrinkles. We spend a third of our time sleeping, therefore, a well-balanced sleep position makes a big difference to maintaining a smooth, crease-free neck.
5. When all else fails, our array of non-surgical neck lift treatments help to tighten, sculpt and rejuvenate the delicate neck area. Commonly used treatments to restore a youthful neck appearance include:
  • BOTOX (aka Nefertiti Lift) to give a mini neck lift.
  • PROFHILO to smoothen and firm the neck.
  • ELLANSE to give a more significant neck lift, in cases with more severe laxity.
  • HIFU or ULTHERA to reduce double chin fat and prevent sagging skin.
  • EXILIS ELITE to keep the neck toned and tightened.
With less boundaries between work and play, many of us are now spending longer hours in front of the screen. No wonder so many are distressed by tech neck, along with headaches, backaches, tired blood-shot eyes and undereye wrinkle symptoms.
Be sure to implement a few wellness habits above to help reduce tension. Not only will you have a more youthful-looking neck you will also be healthier and more vibrant!

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